Former Miss Zim now destitute in SA

FORMER Miss Zimbabwe 2003, Phoebe Monjane, is now a pale shadow of herself.

H-Metro reported that the model is now staying on the streets of Joburg.

She is said to be dining with street kids, popularly known as “Nyaope Boys” as well as taking illicit drugs.

Phoebe participated in different pageants, including Miss Harare, before she was crowned Miss Zimbabwe in 2003, after outwitting 19 other models.

She relocated to South Africa where her downward spiral started, after falling for a lover, who was into drugs.

Her friend, Chipo Chopera, said she is worried about what is happening to her pal.

“I am worried about Phoebe; she really needs help. What I saw in the pictures is really worrisome.

Anogona kuzopondwa muroad since she is staying and sleeping anywhere.

“With the state she is in, she can even be raped as well. She is moving around with the Nyaope boys who are into drugs.

“People are afraid to approach her on the streets of Johannesburg,” she said.

Chipo said there is  need to help a fellow Zimbabwean, who once represented the country, at international events.

“I am calling all friends in the modelling industry to assist a sister, who has lost touch, and is now staying in the streets and taking drugs.

“I am fearing for her life. Let’s come together and reach out to her.

“I am prepared to be part of the team that will take her off the streets.

“Otherwise, the next thing we will hear is that, she has been raped or killed,” she added.

Chipo said Phoebe went to South Africa around 2006.

“She went to South Africa around 2006 where she stayed with a white guy before she left him.

“Between 2010 and 2014, she then started zvema drugs.

“Her skin has changed; she seems to have bleached. I am really worried,” she added.


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