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Focus on your economy: South Africa’s richest teacher Lulu Menziwa fumes

SHE trended in 2019 for taking pictures looking great.

The maths teacher has found herself trending yet again, and people have a problem that she’s showing off her body in bikinis.

What happens when school’s out? While this may have been the case for school teacher Buhle “Lulu” Menziwa when it comes to her “side-hustles”, many are finding it difficult to overlook her latest venture — posing online!

But Lulu Menziwa said she’ll continue to live her life as she pleases until Jesus comes back.

She said she has a life outside of teaching, and couldn’t understand why people were being bothered by that.

She said people should rather ask her how she kept in shape, or why she has beautiful skin.

Lulu said she’s disgusted that people were concerned about things they shouldn’t be concerned about while Mzansi was dealing with serious issues such as GBV and the declining economy.

“It’s sad to think that there are people who still believe in body shaming others. I will do me until Jesus comes,” she said.

She said the negative comments won’t move or destroy her, instead, they give her courage to focus on things that were important to her and her loved ones.

“I grew up in a loving home in KZN. Most importantly, I was raised by a woman who’s a firm believer in God and that kept us going,” she said.

A teacher said some teachers have a problem with how Lulu lives her life, but she doesn’t.

“There are a lot of teachers who live unruly lives outside of school, but no one has ever complained about them.

“People must let Lulu live her life,” she said.

Lulu Menziwa first made headlines in May when The South African reported on her net worth which allegedly amounts to R7 million. Lulu is not just a teacher. She has a skincare range, MBGlow, and a clothing line.

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