Facebook message from married woman lands man in court

A MAN from Lusaka has been dragged to court on accusations of adultery after his married female workmate wished him a “Happy Father’s Day” on Facebook.

For 35-year-old Peter Kaumba of Linda Compound, Father’s Day which fell on June 19 brought him more problems than the joyful memories of fatherhood.

On a fateful day, as social media became awash with Father’s Day messages, he received a goodwill message from his workmate Priscilla Ndumba.

But before Kaumba could even respond to the message, his prying wife set her eyes on it and created a storm before ordering him to delete it and block his work colleague.

After a heated argument with her husband, Kaumba’s wife went a step further and called Priscilla and warned her to stay clear of her husband’s radar or any form of friendship between them, be it online or offline.

Unsatisfied with marking her territory, Kaumba’s wife called Priscilla’s husband Joseph Jere and told him his wife was a prostitute who was having an adulterous affair with Kaumba.

Priscilla even told Jere that their last-born child of his household was not his but that of Kaumba.

On the strength of that information, Jere marched to the Lusaka Boma Local Court and sued Kaumba for committing adultery with his wife.

Appearing before Senior Local Magistrate Bertha Zulu, Kaumba denied ever sleeping with Priscilla saying she was only a workmate and did not understand how a simple Facebook comment could lead to such accusations.

“I work with his wife and she sent me a friend request on Facebook which I responded to on fathers day. She then wished me a happy fathers day which made my wife upset.

My wife asked me to block her which I did and the issue ended,” Kaumba explained.

And when called upon to explain her side of the story Priscilla said she merely sent Kaumba a friend request because they were workmates and when Fathers day came she wished him a Happy Fathers Day along side her husband and male friends.

“I just wished him a happy fathers day and later that day I received insults from his wife who asked me to block her husband which I did but did not mention it to my husband because it was nothing serious to me.”

“To my surprise she called my husband and told him lies about me being with her husband,” Ndumba said.

After the testimonies, Magistrate Zulu said she needed to hear from Kaumba’s wife before delivering judgement on the matter.

Judge Zulu advised the couple to live in harmony in the meantime because Priscilla seemed honest in presenting her case.

She noted that Kaumba’s wife could just be trying to break into Jere’s home without any concrete evidence.

She adjourned the matter and ordered that Kaumba’s wife present herself before the court in the next hearing.

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