“Empty Old Trafford” protest planned for Man United’s next home game vs Liverpool

Anti-Glazer protesters are planning their biggest statement yet as they call on all fans to boycott Manchester United’s next home game against Liverpool.

The protest, called “Empty Old Trafford”, is intended to turn the screw on the Glazer family, the unwelcome controlling shareholders of Manchester United.

The American tycoons have been unpopular since their arrival, when they plunged a financially healthy club into over £600 million of debt by buying it with borrowed money.

Since then, they have asset-stripped the club, drained money into their own bank accounts via massive dividends, allowed the once proud stadium to deteriorate badly, installed merchant bankers rather than football men in key positions at the club and interfered in football decisions.

One of those men, CEO Richard Arnold, admitted recently that the protests were hurting the club’s finances and this week, shirt sponsor TeamViewer announced it would not be renewing its deal with the club.

With share prices under constant pressure, the protests and boycotts of sponsors and merchandising are starting to take their toll in a meaningful way.

The family are clearly scrambling as the backlash increases and have been working with supporters’ group MUST to introduce a fan share scheme to try to appease angry supporters.

However, this has been criticised as being a token gesture which would offer the fan investors no hope of ever achieving a meaningful share of the ownership.

If Old Trafford sits empty for the biggest game of the season against Liverpool, it will be a massive feather in the protesters’ caps.

It will be very difficult to pull off logistically, since there are so many people who are desperate to watch United play but who do not understand the purpose of the protests.

But with a previous protest at the corresponding fixture in May 2021 causing the match to be abandoned, there is every reason to have confidence that this new effort will be more than effective.

The Peoples Person encourages all fans to peacefully support the protests and continue to boycott sponsors, MUTV, official club merchandising and anything that puts money into the Glazer family’s pockets.

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