EcoCash Makes It Possible For Users To Request Money From Other Users

EcoCash has made it possible for users on the platform to request money from other users. In the notice, EcoCash, a mobile money transfer facility run by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, said, “FINALLY, You can do the send money process for them. Request money directly from their wallet today! Why wait for them to send you money?”

To request money, one only needs to be registered on EcoCash. Then:

• Dial *151#

• Select Option 1 — Send Money

• Select Option 6— Request Money

• Select Option 1 — Create Request

• Enter Amount,

• Enter Mobile Number

• Enter Reference

• Select Option 1 – Confirm Request

Those being requested to send money will receive a message which says:

Money Request. RTGS$XXXXX from XXXX XXXXX Approval Required: XXXXXX. Request expires in 2 hrs, dial *151*1*6*3# to approve request.

EcoCash recently increased its transaction limits to enable its customers to transact fairly huge amounts amid rising inflation.

Users are now able to send up to ZWL$280 000 per month and to shop and pay bills of up to ZWL$400 000 in a single month.

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