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Drug Dealer Attacks President Mnangagwa’s Nephew, Tongai

Drug Dealer Attacks President Mnangagwa’s Nephew Tongai – Tongai Mnangagwa, the nephew of Zimbabwean President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, was reportedly beaten by a drug dealer in the Avenues area of Harare.

Tongai Mnangagwa, who is also the deputy minister for the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development reported the matter following a parking space dispute.

Drug Dealer Attacks President Mnangagwa’s Nephew, Tongai – Here is what happened : 

Allegations are that during a birthday party at an apartment block, Tongai Mnangagwa, a well-known figure in Zimbabwe and his entourage parked their convoy of vehicles there.

When the festivities came to an end, he went back to his parked vehicles, only to find Antony Mwedziwendira waiting there.

The accused, whose cars were blocked in by the Deputy Minister’s convoy, was furious and physically assaulted Tongai Mnangagwa with open hands.

When the Deputy Minister’s aides tried to intervene, Mwedziwendira also attacked one of them in the face.

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According to reports, the drug dealer assaulted Tongai Mnangagwa and left him with serious injuries that resulted in him requiring medical attention.

Following the violent assault on Tongai Mnangagwa, he immediately reported the incident to the police at ZRP Fife Avenue.

The police responded by arriving at the scene and towing Mwedziwendira’s vehicles to ZRP Milton Park.

During a search of the suspect’s car, the police discovered various illicit drugs, leading to further investigations and possible charges.

Drug Dealer Attacks President Mnangagwa's Nephew Tongai Image: Online

Check list of the items and drugs found in some of Mwedziwendira’s vehicles:


Drug Dealer Attacks President Mnangagwa's Nephew Tongai Image: Internet

The drug dealer fled the scene and remains at large.

Drug Dealer Attacks President Mnangagwa’s Nephew, Tongai – Reactions

The news of the attack on Tongai Mnangagwa has reignited conversations about the increasing drug epidemic in the Avenues area, where drug dealers are prevalent and often operate unabated.

The Avenues is known for its high density of dilapidated buildings, which serves as a haven for drug dealers.


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