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Cop forces man to suck his manhood

BULAWAYO police are hunting for a police officer who allegedly sexually assaulted a local man by forcing him to suck his manhood.

According to a leaked police memo seen by, the officer’s name is not known and “can only be identified facially by the complainant but alleged to be a police officer  with a rank of an inspector.”

The memo says on October 18 this year around 8 pm, the complainant aged 30,  who works in Bulawayo, Entumbane suburb as a security guard went to Manor hotel to have some drinks and met the suspect.

They had drinks together up until the 2200hrs when the bar closed. The complainant insisted he wanted more beers, and they went to Palace hotel which was still open at that time.

After a few more drinks, the complainant insisted that he wanted to hire a sex worker he got himself one from the hotel and they went outside to have sex in the accused’s car.

The three left the place, went to buy some condoms and then drove to a secluded dark place in Bulawayo’s avenues where the complainant and the sex worker had intercourse in the back seat while the accused was sleeping at his driver’s seat.

The sex worker got bored later and she left after she was paid US$10.  “Around 0300 hours on the 19th of October 2022, the complainant alleges that the accused insisted he come and sit in the front passenger seat.  “After the complainant sat in the front seat the accused allegedly got hold of the complainant’s right hand, stretched it to his trousers and made him feel his erect manhood.

“When the complainant started questioning his actions, he threatened to stab him with a knife if he resisted.”  It is alleged he forced him into oral sex before he ejaculated on the complainant’s left hand.

After the act, drove from the scene and dropped the complainant in town.

The complainant after feeling violated then went and reported the accused at the police station around 0400hours.

He was referred to United Bulawayo Hospital for medical attention and investigations are in progress at Z.R.P Bulawayo Central I.R: 5960/22 refers.

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