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Commotion as girl certified dead by doctors wakes up during her funeral then dies again

After doctors had certified a young girl dead, the three-year-old girl shocked mourners when she woke up during her funeral before being officially declared dead.

Following that, the family of Camila Roxana Martinez Mendoza accused the Salinas de Hidalgo Basic Community Hospital of negligence after reportedly declaring the toddler dead too soon.

When her mother, Mary Jane Mendoza, took her to see a paediatrician in the family’s home town of Villa de Ramos on 17 August, she was complaining of stomach pains, vomiting and a fever.

The New York Post reports that the doctor escalated the issue and recommended that the child be taken to hospital to be treated for dehydration.

Doctors reportedly placed a cold towel over her little body to lower her body temperature and placed a pulse oximeter on one of her fingers to keep track of her oxygen levels.

She was released from the hospital with a prescription for paracetamol which treats pain and fever but continued to deteriorate as the day continued.

She was seen by another doctor who instructed her mum to feed her fruits and water and prescribed a different medication.

Despite the medication and advice from medical experts, the toddler continued vomiting.

Her worried parents took her to see another doctor, who suggested she be rushed to the emergency room.

At the funeral, attendees told the distraught mum that she must be hallucinating and discouraged her from opening the coffin when she saw the coffin fogging up.

But Camila’s paternal grandmother reportedly rushed to take a closer look when she noticed Camila’s eyes moving and shockingly discovered she had a pulse.

Camila was rushed by ambulance back to hospital, where doctors unsuccessfully attempted to revive her and declared her dead again.

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