Chin’ono Stirs A Hornet’s Nest After Saying Zimdancehall Will Never Go International

Citizens Coalition for Change activist Hopewell Chin’ono has caught the ire of ghetto youths after dismissing chances of Zimdancehall going international

Posting on social media, Chin’ono said Zimdancehall will never go beyond the borders because it copies a foreign culture.“I have been asked my views on Zim dancehall. I stayed away from commenting although I am a qualified reggae connoisseur.  Today I will, Zim dancehall will never get anywhere because it copies someone else’s culture.

Reacting, one section told Chin’ono to stay in his lane while some queried how Lucky Dube navigated across the globe with ease when he was copying the same culture. leader_tapfuma Stay in politics sir. I think it’s good that way. We know you’re a heavy weight but it’s bad when you start throwing your weight all over into people’s careers.

Grind renyu is to criticize zanu pf and that’s yours. Siyai ma youth aimbe. Vakurudzireyi kusiya ma drugs. Let’s spread positive vibes please. Munodonhedzesa vanhu varikuzamawothevoice_oftheghetto Okay Baba harare vanoimba jiti which js part of our culture ngavangoita kaaa international artist… Macheso anoimba Sungura is he an international artist???? Why attacking Zimdancehall alone as if your so called favorite ( reggae is part of our culture) as if hip hop is part of our culture??? Siyai vanhu vezimdancehall.. that genre may evolve but it shall never die..

afroking_jonty On this one I disagree with you @daddyhope2 strongly. Lucky Dube did it with ease but it wasn’t his culture. So to be successful depends on the artist mindset and effort they put in their works and of course the political and and economic environment plays a bigger part as it influences the message. @zimcelebs pin this comment.


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