Cheating Gone Wrong| Watch Daughters Expose Dad’s Cheating Gangster Style, Display Chats On Family TV, Threaten To Put Hands On Him

A Ugandan family living in the USA has gone viral on social media after three daughters ganged up on their philandering father and exposed his cheating shenanigans to their mother.

The three teenage daughters went through their father’s phone in his absence and took screenshots of his explicit messages with a mistress.

They later broadcasted the messages on their family television in the living room with both their parents present.  In the video, the three daughters can be seen confronting their father over the cheating messages they shared on the family TV.

While shooting a video, cursing and threatening to beat her dad up, the second daughter can be heard reading out the explicit message to her mother who is seated on the couch.

This, while the last daughter who is said to have been the one who found out about their dad’s escapades was crying and confronting the seemingly puzzled dad.

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