‘Charmers’ using ancestors to fleece women in dating scams — See how to spot them

Women are being warned by the Hawks to stay away from scammers who will come into their lives in the name of love, especially in Limpopo.

Capt Matimba Maluleke from the specialist police team said Hawks investigators have been alerted to many complaints around the province.

Many victims are left drowning in heavy debt, Maluleke said.  “Women who are recently divorced, widowed, inherited valuable assets or have a stable job but are unmarried are targeted by the scammers, who pretend to be looking for a woman to marry.

“They soon come up with business proposals where the victims are promised unbelievable dividends.”  The scammers talk the women into selling valuable assets or withdrawing all their money to deposit into bank accounts they are provided with on the pretext of funding a lucrative business idea.

“After depositing the money they will never see or hear from the scammers again.”  Some victims were approached by men who claimed to be prophets connected to their ancestors, Maluleke said.

“They would tell them everything about their upbringing and lives. Eventually, the victims would be convinced to resign and take all their pension money to the altar for rituals.”

Tips to help women identify possible dating scammers:

-they look and sound very caring and responsible;

-they always come up with business proposals;    -they do not want their pictures to be taken;

-they do not want to meet you in a public place;

-they always hide their identification documents;    -they do not introduce you to their family;

-they want to own everything in a relationship;     -they do not take you to their real house;

-they always come up with contradictory stories.

“If you come across someone who has some of these traits, you should know it could be a possible scammer,” said Maluleke.

“You better run away from them before they run away with all your money or assets you  worked hard for.”

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