Bulawayo Polytechnic Bans Mini Skirts, Ripped Jeans & Tight Fitting Clothes

Bulawayo Polytechnic has introduced a new dress code which blocks female students from wearing skimpy or revealing clothing.

According to a notice making rounds on social media, female students will be barred from lecture rooms for wearing clothes which are tight-fitting or reveal cleavage.

“The institution’s mandate is to train and groom professionals for commerce and industry…,” a November 15 memo signed by Chiedza Masanganise, the polytechnic’s principal, stated.

According to the memo, those judged to be “inappropriately dressed” will be blocked from accessing the school’s facilities and attending lectures, he added.

The new regulations ban skirts or dresses that are more than five centimeters above the knees; string tops or dresses; biker and bum shorts; clothing that reveals cleavage; does not cover the shoulders and stomach; is short, tight-fitting, ripped, sleeveless or see-through.

Headgear is banned for male students except on religious grounds. Also banned is “dropping of trousers” or shorts, and slippers.

Also on iHarare, award-winning music producer and  Chillspot Records co-founder, Tafadzwa “Levels” Kadzimwe has broken silence on his ordeal after his ex-girlfriend Ashleigh “Shashl” Moyo levelled rape allegations against him.

Shashl (23)  lodged the complaint against Levels (33) at Borrowdale Police Station.  Speaking through his legal representative, Levels said he is unfazed by social media speculation and he is ready to comply with the police.

“We cannot rely on social media speculation, we are still waiting to hear from the police.  “We will comply with the police once we have been approached,” said Levels’ legal representative.

However, social media users have condemned Shashl for playing a rape victim card saying it’s through cases like hers that people find it difficult to believe genuine rape victims.

Kayla Soza  The real rape victims will be taken seriously nani manje  This is bad! Teo Lee  It’s unfortunately munyika yatakurarama a boy child is now alone …..  This is not good ,video irikuratidza kuti she knew that they were recording a video ,we have seen many tyms ma sex tape achibuda so a girl child akasaudzwa kuti zvaurikuitawo recording videoz willingly is wrong hatina kwatirikienda ,I do sympathise with the lady here BT also let’s admit that both of them are wrong kuita recording ,now coz a girl child is now over protected nyaya iyi yakutonzi rape ,thts not good ,ngatitsiurei vanhu vese not Kuda kuomesera one side ,what are we doing also to a boy child

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