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Buhera Man Jailed For 70 Years For Human Trafficking

A Buhera man who trafficked a married woman to Masvingo Province and stayed with her against her will from November 2021 to January 2022 has been sentenced to spend the next 70 years in jail.

Witness Jichichi of Muchuwa Village under Chief Nyashanu was not represented by anyone when he appeared before Rusape regional magistrate, Mr Francis Mapfumo.

He was convicted on one count of human trafficking and sentenced to 10 years in prison.  Jichichi was also convicted on three counts of rape and was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in each of the cases.

He, however, was acquitted of deliberately infecting the woman with HIV, according to Manica Post. What happened:  Prosecutor, Mr Marlon Makamba said Jichichi lied to the victim and her husband that he was an employee of a development partner and could facilitate the couple’s employment within the organisation in Masvingo.

He tricked the husband to remain behind in the village and lied that he was going to the development partner’s local offices to sign the employment contract with the complainant.  Instead, he took the unsuspecting woman into captivity.

After tricking the complainant and her husband, Jichichi went with the complainant to an unknown place in Masvingo.

While in Masvingo, Jichichi would force himself on the woman and in the process, he “deliberately” infected her with HIV.

The woman told the court that while in Masvingo, she stayed at a farm with Jichichi and he would always act like her bodyguard, following her around.

Jichichi only released his captive after learning that the woman’s relatives were looking for her on both formal and social media platforms.

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