BREAKING: UK based Zimbabwean academic Dr Alex Magaisa has died

UK based Zimbabwean academic and law lecturer Dr Alex Magaisa has died. According to reports he suffered a cardiac arrest on Sunday at Margate Hospital around 10 am.

Magaisa was a lecturer of law at the Kent Law School of the University of Kent and served as the Advisor of the then Prime Minister of Zimbabwe Morgan Tsvangirai from 2012-2013.

In September 2018 Magaisa sent out a Tweet alluding to his health condition and how he had been living with a “chronic illness” for 5 years.

“1. When I wrote my earlier message, I realised a lot who follow me did not understand. For many, I am a strong & healthy chap. I’m not. I try hard but it’s not easy. 2013., when the situation was serious I spoke to Mdhara Morgan & got help. I’m a member of the suffering union.

“2. When I wish SB Moyo well, it has nothing to do with politics but everything to do with humanity. For the past 5 years I have lived with a chronic illness, believing in the right thing. Yet for many, Magaisa is a great man. I’m not. It’s not in my hands. I fight like all else

“3. What makes us different from all other is that we do the right thing. I grew up with simple villagers. Good people. We looked after each other. That is how it should be. I may get along, like all is beautiful. It is not. Let us look out for each other, whatever out differences,” Magaisa wrote.

Nehanda Radio understands Magaisa was admitted to hospital on Friday. He was to eventually suffer a cardiac arrest on Sunday morning.

Fellow academic Ibbo Mandaza tweeted: “Just received the sad news that Alex Magaisa is no more; a great loss to Zimbabwe’s intellectual community, to the struggle for a better and democratic Zimbabwe.”

Former Education Minister and CCC Treasurer General David Coltart tweeted: “I am gutted by the news that Alex #Magaisa @Wamagaisa has died suddenly. He was an intellectual giant, a superb patriot & a great democrat. Alex’s sober analysis explained the truth of #Zimbabwe in a way few have been able to do. Alex was also a good friend & colleague. RIP Alex.”

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