Body taken for burial TWICE amid in-law fights

A 20-YEAR-OLD woman’s corpse was twice taken to the cemetery for burial after her husband clashed with in-laws over lobola.

The late Brenda Mufembi’s husband, only identified as Mbizi, collected the body without her relatives’ knowledge and took it to Granville Cemetery for burial.

He had been barred from the funeral wake. The Mufembi family blocked the burial and took  the body to a funeral parlour, as they engaged in talks.

Mufembi family spokesperson, Farai Mufembi, told H-Metro Mbizi did not respect his in-laws and was yet to pay lobola.

“We do not know how Mbizi managed to get a burial order and collected the body from Sally Mugabe Central Hospital mortuary,” said Farai.

“He does not respect us as his in-laws and never paid anything for the late.

“We blocked him from burying our child and took the body to a funeral parlour.

“We finally laid Brenda to rest at the same cemetery and Mbizi never showed remorse for what he had done.

Akangoenda nebody kumakuva tisingazvizive saka takazviramba, Mbizi haabatsirike,” said Farai.

Sources close to both families disclosed that Mbizi signed an affidavit promising to pay part of the lobola within seven days.

The agreement paved the way for the burial of Brenda.


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