Black Friday sales dramatically increase post-COVID-19

Shoppers spent more on homeware essentials and electronics this Black Friday, according to some of the major supermarket brands. Both online and in-store sales showed substantial improvement compared to the previous years.

Black Friday shopping trends are slowly returning to the pre-COVID levels.

Game stores couldn’t confirm the latest Black Friday numbers, but the chain store says that sales far exceeded both 2020/21 sales. Its online trade more than doubled this year. However, the majority of South Africans still prefer in-store purchases compared to online.

Most shoppers stocked up on homeware and electronics goods the most.

Game Store Vice-President, Andrew Stein says, “In terms of the items that were purchased over the day the best items sold were over the homeware and essentials and electronics.”

Retail store, Pick n Pay Group Executive of Marketing, Andrew Mills says the current challenging economic environment is reflected in the choices that consumers made on their shopping lists.

He adds, “If we look at the year that we’ve gone through as the South African consumer, a lot of customers are under severe pressure and this time of the year comes as a relief where people can take advantage and helps their pockets to stretch further.”

Black Friday takes place every year in November ahead of the festive season and consumers are advised to save up to take advantage of the massive discounts.

However, some shoppers have urged retailers to ensure that there’s enough stock available for Black Friday to avoid discounted items running out quickly.

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