“Black Coffee Is Fronting For A Zimbabwean Businessman”-Nota Baloyi Makes Startling Revelation

South African controversial music executive Nota Baloyi has debunked claims circulating alleging that Black Coffee bought Gallo Music Investment.

Taking to Twitter, Nota Baloyi stated that Black Coffee did not buy Gallo but was just fronting for a Zimbabwean businessman Takunda Jinda who is one of the shareholders.

Gallo Music Investment is South Africa’s largest and oldest independent music label.  In 2020, Black Coffee was reported to have acquired a significant stake in Gallo Music Investment through his investment holding company FlightMode Digital.

Nota however refuted those claims and said Black Coffee was neither a shareholder nor an investor at Gallo.

“Correction @JjSesing Black Coffee did not buy Gallo… He’s fronting for a Zimbabwean businessman by the name of Takunda Jinda. Black Coffee is not an investor nor is he a shareholder at Gallo.

If he was, he would’ve been named in the liquidation of Gallo by Clive Hardwick Trading!” Nota Baloyi stated.

Black Coffee was not named in the liquidation of Gallo by Clive Hardwick Trading. Instead, Takunda Jinda was one of the names that were listed on the documents.

A Zimbabwean businessman who allows Black Coffee to front as a shareholder of the owners of “@Eusebius on Times” so that they can call South Africans xenophobic for objecting to rampant criminality caused by lack of law enforcement in the new organized crime capital of the world.

Nota Baloyi who was on a rant went on to diss Black Coffee’s musical career saying that he hasn’t made any hits in a long time.

Black Coffee hasn’t made a hit song this decade… Drive was the last time he really shook up the charts & it was wasted on that American girl who nobody has heard from ever since.

The one-handed DJ freak show can only go so far & it’s run its course. People want music. Amapiano!  He added that he is finishing 2022 strong by settling all his beefs as he fired shots at Black Coffee.

Your idol @RealBlackCoffee has been warned… It’s on sight when I see him. He’ll need to run off to Austria with Stogie T when I’m done with him. I’m finishing 2022 off strong by settling all my beefs once & for all. The police know where to find me, ARREST ME DAWG, NGIDUBULE KE!

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