Bizarre Scenes As Family Takes Pictures With A Corpse At A Funeral (PICS)

What happened to respecting the dead?

A particular family has startled Facebook users with pictures from a funeral of their relative.

It is an unwritten convention that dead bodies are stacked in a coffin, and mourners can only get a glance of the corpse during body viewing time. The corpse is respected so much that it should never be seen.

This explains why dead bodies are covered with blankets or jackets after an accident or public death. One particular family has trashed and done away with this widely-held cross-cultural convention.

The family was mourning a dead relative, and they did the most bizarre thing. Instead of letting the body lay inside a coffin, the family took it out and hoisted it on a chair, stiff and cold.

In the pictures going viral, the dead body is in a house, and mourners can be seen taking turns for picture moments.

Without reading the caption, it is easy to assume this is someone just sitting on a chair with his eyes closed. The corpse is adorned with an impeccable English suit, with white linen covering both hands and feet.


The pictures raised so much ire on Facebook. Check out how people reacted to the family taking pictures with a corpse.


Lashidan Muganda;

Death makes people do weird stuff


Makesure Motsi;

The world is now full of bizarre things. Where have you seen anything like this? When a person dies, he should be respected not this thing you’re now doing.


Linder Madzokere Chiboyi;

Is this real? This is extremely scary. I’m cringing.


Vimbayi Miranzi;

Why couldn’t they show him love when he was still alive?


Jesca Nyagano;

I have a friend from Ghana when her mother passed away that’s what they also did on the day of her funeral she was also sitting they sent pictures I was surprised but my friend told me that’s their culture.


Monica Chipangura;

Why? Why? Bathong! The person is dead please let him or her rest in peace, this is scary and disgusting😡😭


John T Chakahwata;

This is true I saw they did it to a Ghanaian Footballer they put him in a standing position wearing his uniform and holding his football

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  1. This is very popular in some parts in West Africa. YouTube is awash with some videos.

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