Bizarre Incident!! CCTV captures spiritual husband ‘bonking’ married woman at night

Bizarre Incident!! CCTV captures spiritual husband ‘bonking’ married woman at night – A CCTV camera in an apartment complex has reportedly captured footage of a spiritual husband visiting a woman in her sleep.

In the video, the woman appears to be sleeping soundly in her bed when an unseen entity seems to be moving around on top of her. The seemingly paranormal encounter occurred late at night, with the CCTV camera recording it all.

The video has been circulating on social media, leaving many viewers shocked and terrified by what they’ve seen.

While some skeptics are quick to dismiss the footage as a fake or a hoax, others view it as evidence of the existence of spiritual spouses, a common belief in certain cultures.

What is a spiritual partner?

Spiritual spouses are entities that allegedly pursue relationships with humans, who often remain unaware of their existence. These spirit beings are purportedly powerful enough to cause physical and psychological harm to those they visit, and can prevent them from having fulfilling relationships with human partners.

Those who claim to have experienced such encounters suggest that spiritual spouses can appear in dreams, visions, and even hallucinations, and may take various forms, both male and female. In some cases, spiritual spouses are believed to inhabit physical objects like dolls, statues or trees, and can only be appeased through prayer and offerings made at specific times and places.

While skeptics argue that there is no scientific proof that spiritual spouses exist, those who believe in them warn of their dangers. Some people report feeling drained, ill, or traumatized after spiritual encounters, and may require professional help to recover.

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Below are signs that you may have a spiritual partner:

1. You’re married but consistently make excuses to avoid having se.x with your spouse

It’s a common occurrence in many marriages when a partner who promised to stay with you until the end suddenly loses interest in physical intimacy. Despite your efforts and going the extra mile to reignite the passion, sex becomes a rare event. This could be a sign of serious spiritual problems, as spiritual spouses are known to become jealous and work towards destroying marriages.

2. You frequently have dreams of having thlof thlof.

As a man past the age of wet dreams, or as a woman experiencing frequent sexual dreams, the sensations may feel exceptionally vivid, almost crossing over into reality. If these experiences persist, it could possibly be attributed to having a spiritual spouse.

3. Sometimes you may find yourself hating your significant other without any apparent reason

It’s a serious issue when you find yourself hating your partner without any clear reason. If you’re in a relationship but unmarried, you may feel constantly angry and attempt to find ways to annoy your partner

4. Your se.xual appetite is unquenchable

Sexual intercourse is the best thing that happened to humankind. Although it’s natural to have desires and needs, excessive thirst for something beyond one’s ability to fulfill can become problematic. For instance, having multiple partners simultaneously may indicate a spiritual root cause

5. You don’t show respect to your spouse and fail to submit to them

In marriages, it is not uncommon for women to challenge their husband’s authority and not submit to them, while some women are thought to be more dominant than others. However, behind the scenes, a spiritual spouse may be working to destroy the marriage. On the other hand, some men may exhibit macho behavior, such as coming home late and mistreating their partners. Yet, this too can be attributed to an unseen spiritual wife, seeking to destroy the relationship for their own selfish gain.

6. Even though you keep making an effort, getting married seems unattainable for you.

Despite being ready to settle down, you make excuses and hold out for a better or more suitable partner. However, before you know it, you’re older, and your prospects for marriage have diminished. While you may find love, your relationships never seem to last, and you often face heartbreak without a happy ending.

The list is not exhaustive and there are some signs I may have missed, However, should you find out you have a spiritual spouse, it’s not the end of the world. The condition can be reversed depending on your beliefs…A genuine sangoma or Pastor can help.

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