Bizarre as newly-born baby found dead, with part of the leg missing

A NEWLY-BORN baby was found dead, with a part of the leg missing, at a Glen View dumpsite, giving residents a huge scare.

The corpse, which was in a decomposing state, was found near Mataure Shopping Centre.

Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luckson Chakanza, confirmed the case.

“Police are investigating a case of a baby, who was found in a decomposing state at a dumping site, in Glen View 1.

“Circumstances are that a newly-born baby was found, wrapped in plastic, by a boy who was disposing of waste at that same dumpsite.

“He then reported the matter to the police who then took the corpse to Harare Hospital for postmortem,” said Insp Chakanza.

The police have urged the public to report any leads to the case.   Glen View residents said they were still in shock following the incident.

“It’s so sad that God gave someone a child and then she decided to throw him/her away in that manner while others are going through a lot to get one,” said one resident, only identified as Mai Mumu.

“Garbage is not being collected  so it is easier for someone to dumb anything, especially a child, like that.”


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