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ATM Spits Out Cash Bonanza, Honest Security Guard Plays Santa in June

In a world where honesty and integrity have lost their value, it takes a true hero to restore one’s faith in humanity. 24/7 Security Services’ Officer Lungelani Mbatha is one of those heroes who found a very large sum of money in the ATM and tried to return it to the original owner.

Recently, while on duty, Lungelani Mbatha found a large amount of cash at an ATM that was supposed to be deposited. The customer had already left the ATM. Officer Mbatha immediately reported the matter, and the R17,600 was handed over to the bank’s Branch Manager for counting and processing. All in a day’s work for our hero!

Lungelani Mbatha is new to the security industry and joined 24/7 Security Services at the end of May. In his first two weeks, he definitely showed his worth.

We caught up with Lungelani, who shared:

“I have often been the victim of crime. I understand too well how it feels to lose things or to be robbed, so I would not wish to see someone going through what I went through. I like to protect people from being victims of crime or from losing their things. I encourage all security officers to stay honest in every situation and to work with integrity. Be humble and friendly to clients, but not too friendly. And always look presentable – you are the face of your company.”

Neville Rothfusz – 24/7 Security Services General Manager: Operations, comments:

“Officer Mbatha’s actions are a testament to his character and dedication to upholding our company’s values. It is reassuring to know that we have a team member like him who is committed to doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”

The future shines bright for Lungelani Mbatha!

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