📰Men and women exposed at sangoma shrine

MORE than 30 men and women were captured in a video at a sangoma’s shrine in the bush.

In the video, an unidentified man is heard shaming one of his two relatives, named Jerry and Bimbo.

According to the video, Jerry and Bimbo had been accusing the video recorder of accumulating his wealth, through witchcraft.

“Can you identify Jerry and Bimbo sitting close to the traditional healer?

“He had been accusing us of witchcraft when he is the one spending the better part of his time in a bush consulting sangomas.“We have managed to expose them,” a background voice is heard saying.

The unidentified traditional healer is spotted in the video confronting the recorder in his car.

He also questioned the purpose of his recording and who had given him permission.

It ends when the recorder and the traditional healer agreed to talk over the issue.


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